Tax Law

You need truthful, informed advice on the positions you take on your tax returns. Many tax return preparers and advisors are simply enrolled agents, trained for a few hours by a national company employing them for a few weeks during busy tax preparation season. By engaging an attorney specializing in tax matters, often for the same cost as an enrolled agent, you will have a trained professional not only prepare and file accurate tax returns for you but also, as a counselor, advise you properly on taking overly aggressive positions, quantify risks of audit (which advice is based on actual experience beyond the tax return), and provide you if necessary with justifiable alternative positions based solidly on the law. With an extensive tax background and an advanced law degree in taxation (LL.M.) from Georgetown University Law School, Kamron Keele can prepare any IRS form for you as well as advise you on the problematic areas mostly likely to trigger an IRS audit. Most importantly, he can advise you candidly on your best, but still legal, positions. If you want your returns prepared right, and if you want informed answers to your tax questions, Keele Law would be your wisest choice.


As indicated on the General Advice and Return Preparation page, Keele Law can advise you on various preemptive measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of an audit. If you have been tagged for audit, however, it is vital to have a knowledgeable tax attorney who can help you understand the complexities of the tax laws and evaluate your risks at audit, and who can guide you through the best courses of action before and after the audit. You also want an advocate who can argue effectively your tax positions during the audit itself. Rest at ease that Keele Law will help you resolve tax matters and audits in the most beneficial way.

IRS Appeals

All too often, regrettably, in an audit, the IRS determines tax deficiencies that are just plain wrong, or are not fair to the taxpayer. In order to assert your rights and contest an unfavorable determination, you will need to appeal it to the IRS Appeals Office. If you try this appeal on your own, or if your well-intentioned but inexperienced accountant or CPA attempt to handle it for you, then you will likely miss often overlooked procedural steps, and your case may simply be thrown out. This results in you having to pay the erroneous tax liability and hope to be able to recover it later (perhaps years later, in Federal District Court, all at significant cost to you). Tax laws, procedures, and regulations are complicated and difficult to understand—even for those trained in the area. Contact Kamron Keele today. It could save you thousands in inaccurately or unfairly assessed tax deficiencies against you.

Tax Court and Collections

The primary objectives of any controversy with the IRS are to resolve the matter as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, preferably avoiding the fight in the first place, and of course to minimize your ultimate tax liability. However, some controversies do extend to full-blown litigation, and still others end up in collections with the issuance of liens and levies. In these unfortunate circumstances, Kamron Keele can represent you in court and throughout IRS collections. His representation is based on firsthand knowledge of the U.S. Tax Court itself, coupled with seasoned experience in tax laws and procedures at all levels before and against the IRS. Mr. Keele clerked for two years at the US Tax Court in Washington, DC, and understands uniquely and thoroughly that court process. He can advise you on the best strategies and garner the best possible outcome for you. With his expertise on your side, your case or collection matter is much more likely to have a favorable outcome.

Tax Commission

Keele Law provides advice to and representation of taxpayers at all levels before the Utah State Tax Commission on all manner and type of tax issues, from income to sales tax.

Starting a nonprofit organization can be tricky. Keeping it in compliance thereafter can be even trickier. If you wish to start and run a nonprofit organization properly, utilize the assistance of experienced tax lawyer Kamron Keele. He can aid you in qualifying your organization for exemption with the IRS and help keep through the years your hard-fought exemption by exact compliance with the various and numerous tests and filings required by the IRS. This area of the law is extremely specialized, and there are many requirements that need to be met, starting with the formation of the nonprofit organization at the State level. The assistance of an experienced attorney from inception is essential. Not only does Mr. Keele have more than a decade of experience helping his clients establish all types of nonprofit organizations but, perhaps more importantly, he also has experience assisting them in remaining compliant throughout their duration.

An offer in compromise is a beneficial agreement between tax authorities and a taxpayer who is unable to pay the full amount owed. In order to avoid costs of collection, tax authorities will consider offers in compromise if there is doubt as to the accuracy of your liability, uncertainty as to whether you can pay the debt you owe, or an instance when the payment of the debt would result in hardship to you in light of your current financial situation. Often for a low flat fee, your tax attorney at Keele Law can help you navigate the entire process, negotiate with tax authorities, and get an offer in compromise finally accepted. Do not believe the infomercials you see late at night on television; they cannot do anything with respect to your tax liability with the IRS other than negotiate an installment payment arrangement for the full amount of tax liability plus interest, or prepare and file an offer in compromise. In most cases, these companies charge as much as $10,000 to $15,000 simply to arrange one of these two things. Kamron Keele has helped clients keep their costs down while reducing their tax liabilities to an amount they can afford to pay. Again, don’t be fooled by the outrageous claims made on TV—you need an actual tax professional like Kamron to give you the best chance of the IRS accepting your offer to pay something less than the full amount of tax owed.