Employment Law

Keele Law assists businesses in creating and maintaining employment policies that protect employers from legal complications;these policies are often overlooked by small businesses until something catastrophic occurs. Mr. Keele has widespread experience in drafting all manner and types of employment-related agreements, including but certainly not limited to employee handbooks, employment and independent-contractor agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, and termination and severance agreements. Mr. Keele also advises (and defends if necessary) employers regarding employee complaints of all kinds, from wage and sexual harassment claims to discrimination claims under the American with Disabilities Act, and even compliance issues with privacy and HIPAA laws. Kamron has represented clients in all manner and type of employment-related administrative proceedings and court litigation. If you have employees, call Kamron today to schedule a free audit of your employment practices.

On the other side of the coin, Keele Law also represents employees who have been victims of discrimination, or who have not been paid as agreed, or who have been wrongfully terminated. If you believe you were fired for suspect reasons or have other employment-related questions, Keele Law can advise and represent you in your case, on a contingency fee basis if desired.